Sample Inspection Report 150 Point Inspection

Inspect-A-Car performs a comprehensive 150 point bumper to bumper inspection. Click here to view sample Inspect-A-Car Inspection Report.

Mobile Service - Any Location

Inspect-A-Car will perform a 150 point inspection at the dealer’s lot or seller’s home. We can also meet the seller at a convenient location for both parties such as their place of work or a shopping mall.

ASE Certified Technician

Inspect-A Car technicians are ASE Certified in multiple areas of automotive repair.

OBD 2 Engine and Transmission Diagnostics

An OBD 2 scantool is connected to the vehicle to “scan” the on-board computers for trouble codes. Engine misfires caused by low cylinder compression, fuel and ignition problems are detected with this tool. In addition, this tool will test for malfunctions with computer sensors and their related components including the engine, transmission, emission controls, anti-lock brakes and air bag systems as equipped and available. NOTE: If the “Check Engine” light located on the dashboard of the vehicle is not illuminated, there can still be trouble codes stored in one or more of the on-board computers.

Electrical, Starting and Charging Systems

The vehicle is checked for excessive parasitic electrical drains which could cause a chronic dead battery problem. Next, the alternator and charging system is load tested for proper output and battery recharging and the battery and starter are also load tested. The purpose of load testing these items is to spot weak components which appear to operate fine. When put through a load or “stress” test, their weaknesses show.

Cooling Systems' Inspection and Chemical Head Gasket Tests

The cooling system visible components are inspected which include: belts, radiator hoses, radiator and water pump. The cooling system is visually inspected for rust and corrosion. Last, a chemical head and block test is performed. This test will detect engine damage such as blown head gaskets, cracked cylinder heads and engine blocks caused from overheating or poor maintenance.

Disc Brakes, Tires, Steering and Suspension

Disc brake pads are inspected for percentage remaining until replacement is needed. The vehicle is lifted and the suspension is inspected for worn or loose components including shock absorbers, struts, ball joints, bushings and steering linkage. Tires are checked for abnormal wear patterns and the tread depth is measured. Mismatched tires are noted.

Body, Paint, Frame and Undercarriage

The body panels and frame are inspected for defects and previous accident repairs. A digital paint meter is used to measure the paint thickness to detect repainted panels, filled dents and hidden rust. Hood, doors and trunk are inspected for easy closure and body gaps are compared for uniformity. Vehicles are lifted to inspect the undercarriage for frame damage, fluid leaks, rust and abuse.

Air Conditioning, Accessories and Road Test

A halogen leak detection device is used to locate A/C refrigerant leaks and a thermometer is used to measure the A/C temperature inside the vehicle. Power options are tested and convenience accessories are checked for basic function. A road test is performed on a varied course to verify engine, transmission, steering and braking performance.

Fair and Unbiased Opinion

Inspect-A-Car sells no repairs or parts. We do not have a vested interest in recommending repairs where a repair shop performing an inspection may.

Serving San Diego Since 1991

Inspect-A-Car was started in San Diego, CA in 1991, with the mission to help used car buyers avoid lemons and purchase high quality used vehicles. Since then, we have helped thousands of our customers do just that. We are ASE Certified and an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Our convenient mobile service is perfect for busy individuals because there is no driving to a repair shop and waiting for the inspection to be completed. Our unbiased system is fair to both the buyer and the seller which helps when the negotiating begins. Just book an appointment online HERE or call our office at 1-800-996-6536. Our technician will bring portable diagnostic equipment and perform the same tests that a large repair shop can do, but with unparalleled skill, objectivity and convenience. When the inspection is complete, the technician will email and call you with the results.