The diagnostic services provided by inspect-a-car (iacoa) are designed to help diminish but not eliminate the risks you assume with the purchase of a used motor vehicle.  Because it is impossible to detect the existence of all present and/or potential flaws, such as, but not limited to metal fatigue, hidden wreck damage, tampered with or neglected components, iacoa and its representatives do not make any representations or warranties of any kind as to the future performance of any vehicle it inspects. Iacoa’s diagnostic services are an assessment of the vehicle’s condition at the time and mileage of inspection only. Iacoa and its representatives do not recommend for or against the purchase of the vehicle(s) it inspects. Furthur, iacoa expressly disclaims liability for any failure, negligent or otherwise to detect any flaws or conditions which may cause damage to persons or property.  Iacoa’s liability is limited to the cost of the inspection only. I have read and understand this disclaimer and agree to these terms.